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Portable High Speed SSD 4TB

৳ 2,500
৳ 2,500

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Product introduction

1. USB 3.1 high-speed transmission: it takes a few seconds to start. High speed transmission is suitable for applications with large data volume and fast file transmission speed.

2. Large capacity: store your whole world and songs, documents, pictures and videos to meet your work and learning needs.

3. Ultra thin portable design: space saving, convenient for users to carry.

4. Color: black/red/blue/silver/gold

5. Convenient file transmission: free connection, dual conversion of USB Type-C and Type-A, easy data exchange between mobile phones, computers, tablets and other terminals.

6. Impact resistance: The shell is made of ABS plastic+metal to ensure higher impact resistance, strength and stiffness.

7. Strong compatibility: support TV, mobile phone, tablet, camera and other devices.

8. Easy installation: installation can be completed without any tools, and the hard disk can be quickly loaded and unloaded.

9. Compatible with mobile device compatible systems supported by Windows XP/Vista/7/88.1/10, OS X 10.6 and Linux Kernel 2.6 OTG Android 5.0 and above CE certification FCC, RoHSPACKAGE

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