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Knowledge Encyclopedia: Ocean

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Introducing an enchanting children’s encyclopedia that offers a fresh perspective on the world. Packed with a wide range of facts, charts, timelines, and illustrations, it presents a visual approach featuring detailed 3D CGI images, photographs, and captivating illustrations. The crystal clear text distills essential information, and the accuracy of DK’s encyclopedias, verified by subject experts, surpasses online sources. This updated edition, Knowledge Encyclopedia Ocean!, is the ideal resource for curious minds aged 9-12, delving into ocean science, seashores, polar oceans, ocean maps, and more. With fascinating insights into sea creatures, from sharks to seahorses, and captivating details on underwater landscapes and animal behavior, this volume offers an immersive journey. A perfect gift for young readers and an invitation to explore, discover, and learn.

Explore the deep blue like you’ve never known before with this children’s encyclopedia perfect for a young explorer, or even adults!

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